Who are the Modern Stoics?

I've been planning to begin writing this for awhile, but I always find what seems like a good excuse to delay. I decided to ignore my excuses this time and just start. I decided to begin with some of the most common questions we encounter. 

Who are the Modern Stoics?

            We are a family. Frank Mosher (myself), Hui-Chun Chung, and Frank’s son Trevor Mosher. Frank and Trevor are both California natives while Hui-Chun is a native of Taiwan. Frank and Hui-Chun met when she was studying photography in Sacramento, California as an international student. Hui-Chun introduced Frank to photography, and he introduced her to philosophy. Together they fell in love with photojournalism, adventure, and each other. In February 2018 Frank and Hui-Chun sold most of their possessions and set off around the world along with Frank’s 12 year old son Trevor.

What do you do?

            We travel, we take photos, we meet people, we eat ramen. Our goal is to understand other cultures and to build connections through photography and storytelling. We are photographers, but we aren’t available for hire. We photograph the people we meet on our journey, and we don’t accept money. We do accept food and drinks though. We write about these experiences on our blogs, we talk about them on our podcasts. We post live videos to Facebook, and a vlog to YouTube. We do our best to share the world with everyone. Not the superficial tourist world, but the actual culture and real people who call the countries we visit home.

Sounds like you’re living a dream life, you must have a lot of money?

            Yes and no. Yes this is our dream, no we don’t have a lot of money. Actually we live in poverty. We travel, but we don’t stay in resorts, we don’t join tour groups. The overwhelming majority of our nights are spent in our tents. We typically eat one meal a day. Sometimes we eat two. Those meals are usually a few packages of ramen, some dried meat, sriracha and a children’s chewable vitamin. We do not have wealthy family. We do have a few Patreon sponsors, and occasionally people we meet on the road make donations. We are working on writing books about our travels, and building our Patreon base.


Frank Mosher




Frank Mosher